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Pjescana  Uvala (in translation – Sand Bay) was previously considered a suburban outskirts, a private sector of the city of Pula. In 2001, he separated from the city into an independent village. Nowadays, it is a resort village, densely built up with apartments and villas for rent, among which there are occasionally elite houses “for oneself”. There are no huge hotels in the village, there are small hotels, there are not many of them. Most property owners leave it with the onset of autumn cold and move to their city apartments. After that, the already not noisy resort falls into hibernation. In some houses, local heating is provided for the part of the house where the owners live, which allows them to live in the house all year round. Towns like Pjescana Uvala fall out of bookings after the end of the swimming season, it is difficult for non-seasonal travelers to rent apartments in them. According to the 2011 census, just over 600 people lived in the village.
The village is located on a hill, the streets are arranged in tiers along the sea. Transitions between parallel streets pass along the stairs. Moms with strollers usually use the road, which is easier than going up or down steeper stairs.

Church of St. Nicholas, Pjescana Uvala

Church of St. Nicholas, Pjescana Uvala

Church of St. Nicholas, Pjescana Uvala

View of the Church of St. Nicholas from Banjole

In Pjescana Uvala, on the highest point, stands an unusual, modern architecture, the church of St. Nicholas in the shape of a ship.


Shops, cafes, restaurants

In the center of the residential part there is a small mini-market (Market Duravit No. 10), which has everything you need. It is cramped inside, so not all goods are laid out on the windows. If you need something, but you can't find it yourself, just ask. The menacing-looking saleswomen are actually friendly. They are not too lazy to run their eyes and hands along the shelves, then dive into a dark back room and emerge with the necessary goods. Kuna and payment cards are accepted for payment. Opening hours from 7 am to 8 pm, Sunday until 1 pm. The market is closed on holidays. Summer holidays – June 22, June 25, August 5.
There are several other mini-markets in the village, located closer to the waterfront.
Actually, the entire infrastructure is concentrated near the beach.

Pjescana Uvala, boat


There are several ATMs in the village: near the intersection of Put za livadine and II Organak, as well as near the beach.
In Croatia, you should pay attention to ATM messages about an additional commission or a special conversion rate. A double conversion request is always an attempt to make money on a client twice. Personally, I decline such a request.

Distances from Pjescana Uvala

Pula – 5.5 km
Medulin – 11 km
Premantura – 9.6 km
Rovinj – 45 km
Trieste – 124 km
Berlin ~ 1200 km
Dortmund ~ 1220 km
Munсhen ~ 604 km
Frankfurt am Main Ost – 1005 km
Kyiv – 1753 km, through Hungary, along autobahns.
(Kyiv-Lviv-Mukacheve-Beregovo-Budapest-Zagreb-Rijeka-Pjescana Uvala)


Pieshcana Uvala in Croatian means Sandy Bay. In Croatia, sandy beaches, despite the name, are rare, there is not much sand in this bay. But this is the case when the beach is suitable for everyone: both children and adults. It is small, but with a different bottom: where it is shallower, where it is deeper, with sand, pebbles or stones.

Sandy beach in Pjescana Uvala

Sandy beach in Pjescana Uvala

Sandy beach in Pjescana Uvala, Croatia

Promenade towards the sandy beach

Pjeschana Uvala

Walking trail towards the natural forest park

Descents into the water, Pjescana Uvala

Beach on the rocks

From the beach towards Pula through Marina Veruda, a promenade stretches along the sea on one side and shady trees on the other. In the opposite direction (the village of Vinkaran) there is also a walking path, laid through the coastal stones and leaving in a cool wild park. In several places among the stones, descents (stairs) into the water are equipped. Usually the water is cleaner there.

Opposite the Pjescana Uvala beach, you can see the Verudela Peninsula – a tourist complex with many hotels. In summer, the sun sets behind it, and the embankment becomes an excellent viewing place for contemplating the sunset.

Pjescana Uvala, yacht parking

Pjescana Uvala, sunset over the Verudela peninsula


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