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Premantura and Kamenjak

View of the Premantura village from Cape Kamenjak

Premantura was once a fishing village, today it is the gateway to the Kamenjak National Park. A densely built village with typical Croatian private houses with apartments for rent, completely tourist oriented. Nothing reminds of fishing life here for a long time.

Official sources report a “rich historical past” of this place, apparently referring to the Bronze Age ax and several dinosaur footprints found in a cave on Cape Kamenyak.

An ordinary tourist perceives Premantura solely as an entrance to a national park that really deserves a separate trip, famous for its horizons and landscapes of wondrous beauty.


True, from the historical sights you can still find something. For example, this nondescript at first glance gray church in the center of Premantura. This is a medieval temple of St. Lawrence (Sveti Lavro). The church was built in 1632, and contains valuable altars from the 17th century, which in itself is a rarity for a small church.

Next to it is the old Turanj tower, which can be mistaken for an exclusively church bell tower. And although it is so, but this is only its second, auxiliary, function.

Touranj Tower, Premantura

Touranj Tower, Premantura

The tower was originally built for military purposes. It served as an observation post, from which light communication was established with ships passing through the sea with the help of flags, a kerosene lamp and reflection of sunlight.

Premantura - Istrian bread oven

Istrian bread oven on the Premantura street

On one of the streets you can see the preserved Istrian stone bread oven from the 18th century. And although it was a traditional way of baking bread for Premature, only one has survived in these places to this day.

Istrian stone oven

Istrian stone oven in Premantura, 18th century.

Markets, cafes, pizzerias, shops

A hundred steps from the Church of St. Lawrence, a modest in size, but not in prices, bubbling food market, clearly aimed at tourists, with several shops of Croatian goods. Here they sell handmade olive oil in craft packaging (and not just extra virgin), as well as wines of local brands, which, logically, should be cheaper, but… apparently they don’t think so here. There is also a typical clothing market nearby.

There is also a fish shop here, but in fact it is not, because we have never managed to catch it working. According to local residents, the owner has not been selling local fish for a long time, since it has left these places, and it is apparently not profitable to bring dorado, sea bass and shrimp to a small village. Locals usually buy seafood from the market in Pula, or at least from Medulin's supermarkets.

Premantura comes to life in the evening, when the sun is nearing sunset, the summer heat subsides, and vacationers tired of the heat and day hikes are drawn closer to restaurants and bars. There are also more democratic establishments here: pizzerias and bistros with mouth-watering and tasty pastries made from puff pastry with cheese. The bistro, by the way, is open in the morning, unlike other establishments.

Distance from Premantura

Pula - 11 km
Medulin - 11 km
Rovinj - 50 km
Trieste (Italy) - 129 km
Kyiv - 1756 km, route through Hungary - Croatia.


Premantura is surrounded on three sides by the sea, although it does not rest against the coast with houses. Between the village and the sea is a small forest area. In fact, any bay is a beach. Since this is a peninsula with a rugged coastline, in any weather you can find a cozy bay. If there is a storm on one side of Kamenyak, there will definitely be calm on the other.

Satellite map of Premantura

On the satellite map of Prematura, it is clearer where the village ends, and that the roads to the beaches lead through the forest.

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