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If you drive from the Brela city, then a few kilometers to Makarska, on the right there is a turn to Krvavica. The village with such a wonderful name is located on the slopes of Mount Biokovo along a winding road, serpentine descending to the sea.
On the edge of Krvavitsa, in a pine forest near the sea and a little tired Ramova Marina, camping Krvavica organically fit in.  Krvavica camp is popular with tourists from different countries. Krvavica camping is located in a very shady coniferous forest. It gives a refreshing coolness in the heat of the day. Beach nearby. Crickets are singing. Quiet, wonderful place. Before the Krvavica marina, the road turns 90 degrees to the right, and leads to another charming  Bratus village and further to the Promajna village. The road goes along the sea, so the walk will delight you with the most beautiful views, especially at sunset.
The word Krvavica in Croatian means black pudding (in the form of rings). Most likely due to the shape of the track on which it is located, reminiscent of sausage rings.

Holiday rentals in Krvavica

Hotels in Krvavica are small villas with apartments. There are no big hotels in the village. However, the whole village is oriented towards holiday rentals. There are few people living there, and most of the houses are summer tourist business of holiday rentals.


Krvavica photos: There is only one street in Krvavica village.


Krvavica photos: Biokovo Park rises above Krvavica

In the center of the village there is a tiny shop with everything you need: from washing powder to bread and local yoghurts, which are very popular here. Opening hours depend on the season. Approximately from 9 to 19.00. The shop owner is the charismatic Croat Pero Stakic, whose apartment with a souvenir shop is nearby. You can safely get acquainted with him – he will gladly tell you what's what. True, during the unofficial siesta time, approximately from 13.00 to 15.00, he is not seen or heard, and the shop is closed.

Krvavica Beach

The main  Krvavica beach is located behind the campsite, between the rocks (from Makarska) and the Ramova Marina. It belongs to the Makarska Riviera region. The beach is cozy and not crowded. Pine trees cast a natural shadow, which, combined with the scent of pine needles, the singing of cicadas, and the sound of the surf, create a special atmosphere. The water is purest. There are no sea urchins. The pebble is large. Suitable for children and adults. But as elsewhere in Croatia, it is difficult to walk without coral slippers. The beach is not crowded with paid sunbeds, although such a service is available, but not very in demand. Closer to the pier there are several beach bars, cafes and fast food.  There are pay toilet facilities and showers on the beach.

Krvavica beach

Krvavica beach

In the pine forest, between the beach and the campsite, you can see an abandoned children's sanatorium and health centre, it was built in 1963-1964 and was intended for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with lung diseases. It was a place where children who had a parent in the Yugoslav People's Army could receive medical care and relax. Tourists enter it like an art gallery.  Most likely there will be a nice beach hotel Krvavica health resort  this location in the future.


Underwater world, beautiful video

Krvaviсa is located equidistantly (4-5 km) between the more popular resorts of Baska Voda and Makarska. In contrast to their bustling beaches with crowds of vacationers, water activities, bazaars and tourist bustle, Krvavica is an oasis of calm. This is a paradise for those who prefer the silence of nature to the roar of jet skis and the screams of children raging on trampolines. True, in July and August, it is also crowded here, but not so much. Even during peak season, the beaches are free in the morning and evening.


Beach in Krvavica at sunset

The bulk of beachgoers are pulled up by 10-11 am, and leave, having received a dose of hard ultraviolet radiation after 4-5 pm. Therefore, for connoisseurs of velvet relaxation, the beaches remain free. The water temperature in September averages +23C, regardless of the time of day and weather. At the same time, at night and on cool days, the water is warmer than the air.
Море в Крвавице
If we judge the geography of tourists by the numbers of their cars, then the statistics of visitors looks something like this: a little more than half are Croats, in second place are residents of neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina (especially on weekends), and then descending – Germans, Ukrainians, Poles. Occasionally come across Czech, Austrian and Swiss numbers. Somehow a car from Belarus flashed by.

Parking near the sea in Krvavica

From the shop to the beach of the same name Krvavica – about 1 km. Going down, as well as going up, takes 11-12 minutes along the roadway, since there is no sidewalk. But there are no special problems with this – local drivers drive carefully. Well, the “guests” try to behave the same way.
Parking in Krvavica

At the end of the descent, a couple of hundred meters from the beach, under dense pine trees, there is a car camping with a separate daily parking for “beachers”. The cost of parking in Krvavica near the beach is 20 kunas per day from Monday to Friday, and 30 kunas on Saturday and Sunday. There is no hourly rate. Paying in cash to the valet, a check is always issued. Approximately after September 15-17, official parking attendants are already leaving their post at the barrier, although formally the paid season is still ongoing.
Free car parks in Krvavica near the sea are also available, but they are quite small. The first point is before the turn to Bratus, to the right of the fork “Camping” – “Marina”. Here on a small piece of land will be able to park from the heels of cars. The rest of this “wild” parking lot is usually filled with trailers for boats. The second point is 5 meters before the barrier of the Ramova Marina, on the left. There is enough space for 4-5 cars. There are no designations – just an empty piece of land or asphalt.

Krvavica – Makarska travel guide

Walking path

Hiking trails along the sea from Krvavica beach reach Makarska (one way) and Brela (the other way via Bratus, Promajna, Baska voda). Small bays along them, as a rule, are occupied by nudists. Such places are marked with inscriptions on stones – FKK. But this does not mean at all that they will not meet in other coves. There are a lot of nudists here.
The picturesque mountain trail from Krvavica to Makarska passes through rocks, a pine forest, an olive garden and goes to the Ramova beach, where a pleasure train arrives from the Makarska embankment.

Despite the rocks, these paths are walked with children and prams. So do cyclists.

Short video about the walking trail

Ramova Beach begins with a cozy bar “Mozart”, where from 9 am you can enjoy the local chilled dry wine Graševina (Graševina – a variety of Riesling common in Croatia), contemplating the morning calm sea overlooking the Island of Brac in a white haze. Believe me, this is a good start to the day. There is no one yet, except for hikers and dog owners. By the way, for the latter there is a special beach – “friendly dog”.

Biokovo Nature Park

For lovers of extreme sports in this area there are a couple of “black” mountain hiking trails in the Biokovo National Reserve. Locals recommend going to the mountains with an instructor – it's safer, especially for beginners. Well, they strongly advise against going there in the fog, wind and rain.


Biokovo National Park

The road leading to Mount Biokovo was built by Napoleon. Now an asphalt road leads up, probably laid on its base. It is a narrow, complex and rather dark serpentine 23 km long with a capacity of 25 cars per hour. Even the official website of the reserve does not hide the fact that it is dangerous, where it is written: “Travel the road at your own peril and risk!”. Inexperienced drivers are advised not to use their cars to drive to the park.
However, on the mountain of St. George (Sveti Jure) in the season, kilometer-long car queues line up from the night to meet the dawn, which, according to reviews, is especially breathtaking here. The park opens at 6 am. Entrance fee – 50 kunas. Children under 7 years old – free of charge.
Hiking routes are grueling (due to the heat and mountainous terrain), so it is usually recommended to start them at dawn. The places are undeniably beautiful, but you should not expect an easy walk.

Sunsets in Krvavica


Krvavica Photo


Useful links:
Official website of Biokovo Nature Park

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