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Pula is a business, trade and tourist center of Croatia on the Istra peninsula. The city with a population of about 58,000 people is well located on the Adriatic coast near Italy and Slovenia.
From the seaport in season you can get to Piran, Trieste, Venice. Pula Airport has year-round flights to Split, Zadar, Osijek, and during the season it receives tourists from most European countries. Air navigation with Germany lasts the longest, from April to October. Connected by autobahns with Slovenia, Italy, Hungary – fast road connection with Trieste, Zadar, Budapest.

Roman Colosseum in Pula

The ancient Roman amphitheater in Pula, also called the Arena in Istra

What to see in Pula

Pula is known for the ancient Roman amphitheater – the Arena, well preserved, which is a rarity for the construction of the 1st century AD. This is one of the six largest coliseums of the Roman Empire, previously accommodating 20,000 spectators. Today, the Istra Arena is still open, concerts and festivals are held here, although it can now accommodate up to 5,000 people. Next to the Colosseum is the church and monastery of St. Anthony of Padua.

Pula Amphitheater Photo Gallery

The city has an ancient Roman temple of Augustus restored after the destruction in World War II, a medieval cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and a 17th century Venetian fortress towering over the city with panoramic views of Pula. Inside the fortress there is a historical museum.

Pula fortress photo gallery

The old city is small. But in order to feel the atmosphere, we advise you to go up to the fortress, admire the views of the city and the sea, walk measuredly along the narrow, cobbled streets, and get lost among the many cafes.

Photo gallery of the old town

To complete the presentation, it is worth visiting the central market. There you will find in season a good selection of homemade greens, vegetables and fruits from people from the countryside, and fresh fish.
Fresh seafood, market. Pula, Croatia

Fish in the central market. Fresh fish and shrimp are always available. Pula, Croatia.

Prices for fish and other seafood in Pula (2018-2019)

The prices of the same species depend on the size of the fish, the larger, the more expensive.

Lavrak (aka Sea bass, Branzin, European bass, Dicentrarchus labrax): small – 70 kuna (394 UAH, 9.29 €, 930 RUB ), medium – 80 kuna (11), large 90 kuna (12) per 1 kg
Dorado: small, 60 kuna (338 UAH, 7.96 €, [ convert number=60 from=”hrk” to=”rub” dp=0] RUB ) , medium 80-90 kuna (€11-12), large -110 kuna (€< /span>15) per 1kg

Shrimp in shell: small from 125 kuna , 1,660 RUB ) up to 300 kn (1,688 UAH, 39.79 €, 3,984 RUB ) are very large, the size of medium crayfish.

Fare* to travel on the Croatian Autobahn

Pula – Rijeka 62 kuna (349 UAH, 8.22 €, 823 RUB ), distance ~ 110 km

Rijeka – Zagreb 77 kn (433 UAH, 10.21 €, 1,023 RUB ) distance ~ 160 km

Zagreb – border with Hungary 47 kuna (264 UAH, 0.00 €, 624 RUB ), distance ~ 70 km

Pula – Trieste ~ 120 km, 1.5 hour drive, straight through a section of the Slovenian autobahn (need a vignette) and a section of the Croatian autobahn (about €6) . Italians who do not have a Slovenian vignette most often drive around a small Slovenian stretch along the coast.

Pula – Ljubljana ~ 204 km, 2 hours 30 minutes, drive along the Slovenian and Croatian autobahns.
Distance from Pula
Berlin ~ 1200 km
Dortmund ~ 1220 km
Munсhen ~ 604 km
Frankfurt am Main Ost – 1005 km
Distance from Pula to Plitvice Lakes – 270 km. Travel time 4 hours.
You can get there by three routes: through Senj, Vinitsa or Karlovac.

Distance from Pula to Plitvice Lakes

Routes from Pula to Plitvice Lakes

*Prices in kunas are for June 2018. In other currencies, it is automatically converted online at today's exchange rate.

Pula Beach

Gortanova uvala – small pebble beach with a cafe in a narrow cozy bay.
Stoja – a small bay surrounded by rocky slopes, with a pebbly beach and stone flat as paving stones, polished by water.
Valsaline – a large pebbly small beach with a gentle entrance. There is an inflatable trampoline on the water for children.
Valkane – FKK nudist beach, which consists of a tiny natural sand and pebble entrance to the water and a concrete stone embankment with piers. A narrow strip of artificial embankment is bordered by a coniferous park, among which there are tennis courts, sports grounds, cafes and bars.
Beaches of the Verudela Peninsula:
Ambrela – small pebbly beach near Ambrela Bistro & Beach Bar stocked with sunbeds. Part of the bay is occupied by an inflatable playground for children.
Brioni – a concrete beach in the form of steps from the sea to the Cafe-Bar “Kuglana” near the Brioni hotel
Havajka is a large-pebble beach framed on three sides by a rocky shore.
Lighthouse – flat stone beach next to the lighthouse.
Histria – pebble beach next to the Park Plaza Histria Pula

Map of Pula beaches

Pula Weather

Source 1: Forecast for Tomorrow: Air and Water Temperatures

Source 2: 7 Day Forecast

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